The Mauritius Island is a destination of good choice for retired people.

The lifestyle, the wheather conditions, the tax system, possibilities of interesting real estate investments, participat in attractiveness in Mauritius.

There are the necessary procedures ans advantages to live his retreat in Mauritius.

This country is the reference of the world of tourism since 80s ans incites who want to settle down here;

Ideal climat, paradisiac and happy life, nice people, that  tourists say about this Island.

Mauritius Island attracts for a long time franch people and this year a lot of English tourists come to vivit this beautiful island.

Its very advantageous tax system is the important economic subject ;

the residents are imosed only 15% of their icome. There are no taxes, no inheritance tax.

The purshasing power as in Portugal is one of reasons why the retired people come to settle down here.

Mauritius RUPEE is rather low in face of Euros.

The french retired keep their routine and landmarks of shopping  with similar products ans shops in France or in Europe.


Resident permit is graal desired by all retired people who don’t want to be devided, between several countries, because they  haven’t resident permit;

Mauritius law hepls foreign retired people by garanting him a permit of residence of 3 years.


Conditions are following:

To be more than 50 years old

An account bank in Mauritius be opened with a contribution of 40 000 USD

After the deadline of 3 years, the retired people can  request  a valid permanent permit residence 10 years for him and his spouse.

everything is combined for fulfilment of retirees for a long time.


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