Next to AGADIR – Latest properties in L’Orangerie: Enjoy over 30,000 euros in your villa!


Our partner will soon start building its 5th and final slice.

Already 205 villas make up this residence with the lifestyle unique in Morocco, of which 95% are inhabited.
The last 9 villas of the 4th tranche are to be seized at prices :
135 000 € only for a house of 95m2 with garden, private swimming pool and all the comfort of which you dream!





Since 2009 and the enforcement of Law 249/2009 a new tax regime has been establish in Portugal for the foreigners consideres as Non usual Resident.

The benefit of this tax regime is valid for 10 years. In order to benefit from this  system, the applicant must

  • Be already resident in Portugal
  • Leave in the country at least 183 days or dispose of an habitation which lead to believe that the primary intention of the applicant is to leave and be a resident in Portugal

The non usual residency apply to two different categories of persons


Can be considered as a profesiional experts (Architects – Engineer – Artists- Dentists & doctors – scientist- Investors and company administrators).

All activity generated within Portugal would be taxed at 20 % only.


Retirement pensions obtained and paid from abroad are not subject to the payment of any tax in Portugal for the beneficiary of the non usual resident status in Portugal.  These exemptions are valid for a non renewable period of 10 years 

 Should you require further information do not hesitate to contact us at

Dominican republic on north coast – MAGIC SPOT – Villa of 220m2 with 5 bedrooms


MAGIC SPOT is a community residence located on the north coast on the heights of the small village of Cabrera, only a few kilometers from the famous Playa Grande Golf Course and its splendid beach.

The nearest international airports are Puerto Plata and Samana (El Catey). You just have to walk along the coast for barely an hour to reach the Costa Verde region, which combines both authenticity and tourist attraction. It is a region apart, different from the poles dedicated to the mass tourism of the south-east of the island. It offers both quality tourism and charm, with many opportunities for excursions, since Cabarete is less than an hour away and Las Terrenas about an hour and a quarter away. The center of the capital is accessible by the new highway in two hours and thirty minutes maximum. You will not be tired of discovering the many beaches and wild coves, such as Playa Entrada, Playa Diamante, Playa Caleton, Playa Magante.

The residence has a private access and the association of 15 owners shares the various monthly charges. You can install high-speed internet access and the package of TV programs Canal Satellite. The owners are mostly foreigners, of all origins, all concerned with a service and a quality living environment.

Casa Felina is an excellent product of rental profitability, since Cabrera is above all a charming village recognized in the Dominican Republic and on an international scale as tourist hub. Several agencies ensure the regular maintenance of the villas and the management of the seasonal rentals, which will allow you to enjoy your villa during the period of your choice and to rent it for the rest of the year.


Land area: 1,161 square meters (about 30 waterfront and 40 deep)
Possibility to build a swimming pool, either in front of the ocean or behind the house in a nice garden (average budget of 15 000 dollars)
Possibility to add a volume of construction, with sea view.
Surface area of the house: 220 square meters + covered garage of 4 * 6 meters, with flat roof to add an internet parabola / Canal Satellite – french channels), a water heater and solar panels.
The villa is facing the ocean, so that all rooms have a view. A large terrace connects the two wings which are completely autonomous. You can consider the house either as a large house with 5 bedrooms or divide it into two volumes, including a three bedroom house, two bathrooms, a guest toilet and an apartment with its own bathroom and its own kitchen. The master bedroom is upstairs, with a direct view of the ocean, size 40 m² + 22 m² terrace. The ceiling of the central room is made of dyed wood, the kitchen is equipped with a superb coconut bar.

The Packard Plant redevelopment will start construction this spring in DETROIT


One of the largest redevelopments in Detroit right now that’s moving forward is the Packard Plant. The undertaking will be massive (10-15 years), but tenants could be moving into the administration building by late 2018.

The admin building, which faces East Grand Boulevard, is currently undergoing asbestos abatement with the help of a $300,000 Wayne County loan from the Environmental Protection Agency. Once abatement is complete, construction will begin on renovating the 121,000-square-foot building. The administration building was the last in the complex to be vacated and its condition isn’t as bad as many of the other buildings.

Tenants for the admin building are lined up already, including Arte Express, the group who owns the Packard Plant and is running the redevelopment, Silveri Architects, Detroit Training Center (an organization that trains Detroiters for jobs), Environmental Consulting & Technology Inc., Testing Engineers & Consultants, Sterling Security, and Esto’s Garage.

The first floor will have a gallery and event space.

 Also included in the renovation: the bridge over Grand Boulevard, which has been cleaned of graffitti and wrapped to protect the street from falling debris.

Speaking of debris, it you’ve driven near the site, you know that there’s quite a bit everywhere – from the building, from people illegally dumping garbage. Much has been cleaned up, but since it’s such a large area (millions of square feet) and it’s been happening for so long, there’s still a lot of clean up to be done.

The group was granted a 12 year freeze from City Council on taxes, meaning they will pay taxes on what the property is worth now, but they won’t see them increase as the renovations increase the value. They’ve also received approval for their Brownfield Plan.

Why Invest in the Mexican Caribbean Real Estate Market?


in terms of population, Playa del Carmen is growing at rates of 6.1% per year, which is equivalent to around 40 thousand people a year. These high growth rates benefit different sectors, including Real Estate.

Today we have 100 thousand hotel rooms. Recently we made an estimate of rooms approved as tourist hotel and vacation real estate in the tourist condominium and classic hotel room category. Based on that estimate, we have projected a grow 22 thousand additional rooms between 2016 and 2017, which means many brands have tremendous confidence in investing in the region.

Who wouldn’t want to discover paradise and relish the idea of living in the Riviera Maya of Mexico during the winter months? After all, Mexico’s exchange rate is excellent and the Mexican Caribbean is one of the world’s best places to move abroad and also one of the best places to retire overseas. It is home to the best beaches in the world, offering warm winter vacations,while the return on investment and guaranteed rental income available through real estate investing here makes it a no-brainer.

Most of the successful real estate investing done by occasional visitors in places like Tulum (very Hot Investment), Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras involves guaranteed rental income properties. Instead of being an expense,this type of real estate investment offers an excellent return on investment and actually pays for itself while also complementing any portfolio’s overall wealth building strategies.

The Market is booming, more Americans and Canadians are coming to invest now thanks to Donald Trump I guess, the dollars is strong and a lots of Americans want to be off the grid so is an increase in Real Estate sale all over the Caribbean!

Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya in general area is booming with a $21 pesos to the dollars including smaller area like Puerto Morelos, Akumal and Puerto Aventura, deals are still available but great location is limited so price is going up.

In the last 18 months, we have received more requests to buy property than persons offering property for sale. Speaking in terms of constructed properties which are the statistics we real estate professionals look at there has been as much as 26% growth compared to the same month in the year 2015.

The most notable new growth is in the continental part of Isla Mujeres, where a very significant tourist development is going up as we speak. This zone will be a new brand with a new name area in this part of the island. In the south, Tulum will continue growing at rates of more than 15%.

Certificate of Guaranteed Investment – CPG in BRAZIL – profitability 18 % guarantee a year

The Dourado Construções e Incorporações company belonging to our partner serviced and sold the urban lot Brisas  do Aquiraz in October, 2015.

The lot consists of 227 building lots of 150 m ² which were sold on average 30 000 real the lot. Lots  were sold through a financing of a period of 80 months and to a 18 % rate a year. The Dourado Construções e Incorporações company is  an owner of the claims bound to the sale of these 227 lots.  The CPG is safe investments which guarantee that your money is under cover. They produce interests at a fixed rate, variable or determined according to a formula established beforehand. The CPG establishes generally the base of a well balanced portofolio. The current situation of the Brazilian economy, as well as the reduction of the offer of credit favor the operations of urban lot because contrary to the classic property deals (Construction of residential or commercial building) the operational cycle of this kind of operation doesn’t require banking financing.The developer sells himself  these lots to credit to the final consumers. The high average of the rates of real estate financing as well as the mortgage guarantee (the lot he even) make at present of  kinds  of operations, most secure and the most profitable on the Brazilian real estate whole market. So as to acquire new plots for sale and accelerate its process of development, the Dourado Construções e Incorporações company decided to propose to their investors,  18 % investment a year by putting its portofolio of claims in guarantee. The investor will thus mortgage 30 % of the wallet  which corresponds to the claims  of 71 lots for a 585.000 amount during 48 months. The investor will receive monthly  8.775,00 amount corresponding to the flow of the claims of the sale of 71 lots and will receive the amount of his investment either 585.000 at the end of 48th month , or a total of (48 * 8.775) + 585.000 = 1.006.200.

4 Reasons Why Running A Business In Detroit Is Unlike Running A Business Anywhere Else


The character of a city is made up by the people, the culture, and the surrounding environment. That environment consist of where you live, work, and play. As a business owner, what does Detroit offer you that is unique from other cities?



Detroit borders Windsor, Canada. An ideal position for businesses to expand and grow. “Our unique geographic location, with our close proximity to Canada, opens up international opportunities 



As a business owner, you’re able to serve a diverse consumer market. Michelle adds, “There is such diversity in the types of businesses. Where creativity and industry come together. As a consultant, I have had poets to governmental entities as clients.” Grace Keros, owner of American Coney Island, a family-owned business that’s been a part of Detroit’s fabric for 99 years, says, “The people of Detroit are different. We have a location in Vegas, and though we get a diverse crowd in Vegas, it still doesn’t compare to the people in Detroit.”

Resources, Resources, Resources


Detroit continues to focus on rebuilding and strengthening its economy, providing an abundant amount of resources to assist already established businesses, and to attract new business. The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), Detroit Biz Grid, and Motor City Match are just a few of the organizations that provide assistance for Detroit business owners. These organizations and many others are connecting business owners with services that include business planning and strategy, real estate assistance, funding, co-working space, and more in their proactive efforts to aid in Detroit’s economic growth.


Automation Alley’s 2016 Technology Industry Report forecasts that Southeast Michigan will be a better place for technology companies to do business than Silicon Valley. Amazon recently opened its tech hub in downtown Detroit, positioning Detroit in becoming a key location for the technology industry. There are also local companies that offer tech training and business startup assistance in efforts to cultivate and grow the local tech talent.

These are just a few incentives for choosing the Motor City for your business