Why not invest in Canada near a ski resort known to the Americans



Bel Air is a community located in a private haven in the middle of nature and yet close to the activities offered by Tremblant!

Bel Air Resort and Residences sits across the municipalities of Mont Tremblant and La Conception. Our Resort’s ideal location is only 6 minutes from the Old Village of Mont-Tremblant and 13 minutes from Tremblant’s famous ski resort, and 14 minutes from Downtown Tremblant. Our residents and guests will appreciate to live in an absolute pristine and serene environment on a superb mountain while being so close to the thrilling resort of Mont Tremblant.

Bel Air Resort & Residences is proud to introduce an entirely new lodging concept called a Miniloft.


Minilofts are small, modern homes and are the newest trend in the architectural world. Also referred to as ‘compact homes’, our eco-friendly Minilofts have well planned out floor-plans designed to eliminate wasted space and minimize congestion creating a sleek and modern living space. High ceilings and oversized windows enhance the feeling of space and promote a sense of communion with the superb surrounding nature.

Bel Air offers 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom Minilofts (with 2 and 4.5 bathrooms) that will accommodate up to 12 people. Our Minilofts have modern kitchens, sleek bathrooms with top of the line fixtures, and are fully-equipped with the latest technology in order to provide the highest level of comfort. The Minilofts are incredibly efficient thanks to the use of ecological construction methods and materials designed to provide superior insulation. Their construction methods ensures that minimum maintenance is required.

Each Bel Air model home incorporates the characteristics of what we vision as a Bel Air home.

Our team of architects have created model homes for sale in Tremblant that range in size from 2,000 to 4,500 square feet and offer 4 to 5 bedrooms. Each Bel Air model home incorporates the characteristics of what we vision as a Bel Air home. These qualities include a modern architectural and a unique design that incorporates state-of-the-art technology as well as smart floor plans that are spacious in volume and oversized window panels.

Our Resort is home to Bel Air’s Clubhouse and offers a unique lodging concept unlike anything else you will find in the region.

 A New Breed of Lodging Units

Bel Air’s commercial district encompasses 115 acres and is home to our clubhouse and Miniloft Village, which consists of ninety lodging units. The Clubhouse and pool will be at the heart of the resort and will offer an array of amenities for both residents and guests to enjoy.

The concept behind the Miniloft Village was inspired by our desire to create a truly exceptional lodging experience that combines modern conveniences and a sense of harmony with nature. The resort’s unique free-standing Minilofts are scattered throughout the resort and provide guests with a secluded holiday retreat that is surrounded by a magnificent natural backdrop.

The Minilofts’ impressive architectural design incorporates the site’s natural landscape. The interior of each unit boasts a contemporary décor and a remarkable fenestration that brings nature inside creating a feeling of truly being outdoors.

The resort offers 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom Minilofts that accommodate up to 12 guests. Each unit has a modern kitchen, sleek new bathrooms and is fully-equipped with the latest technology in order to provide the highest level of comfort to our guests.

Our Minilofts are modern and hip and designed to appeal to guests who prefer an alternative to the traditional rustic Laurentian’s accommodation.

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