The most relaxing rental yield of the real estate market in Portugal RETURN ON INVESTMENT UP TO 29.10% Capital from 39’950 €

hotel anglais


Portugal is the target of many real estate investors because of the improvement of its economy and its attractive prices, especially tax.

Benefit-Hotel SA offers you a fantastic investment opportunity in cottages under construction, which are fully operational.

Our tourist and business complex is located in the bay of Lisbon, close to all leisure and business areas.

The yields are enormous and all the information provided is based on concrete elements.
It is therefore an opportunity for investors to take advantage of the opportunities offered by Portugal.

Our typical investment product is the resort, also called condo-hotels or apart-hotels.
Our goal is simple: to use the latest high-quality technologies meeting the highest standards for materials insulation and energy efficiency at the most affordable price possible.

Portugal, an expanding market for international tourism

Lisbon acts as a magnet for new foreign investment in Portugal.
Real estate and tourism markets in the Lisbon region are experiencing an exponential growth that is expected and deserved.

Today the Lisbon region knows how to please and has something unforgettable to offer to each of the millions of tourists who visit the area each year.

A unique and ambitious environmental concept in a beautiful corner of the world
Verdant and sunny.

Ask for our brochure in which you will find all the answers and offers of investments


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