Belize Real Estate prices

Belize offers Some of the most affordable Real Estate in the Carribbean region making it a low-cost retirement destination

  • Stable exchange rat   Local currency is the Belize Dollar or BZD
  • 1 USD=2BZ
  • Belize’s Superior location

Belize’s proximity to North America, only 2 Hours from Miami by ait’

The purshasing power of the Brits is remarkable. They have change the face of Real Estate throughout Europe.

Foreigners purshasing land or property in Belize are afforted the same rights

As Belizeans regarding freehold property ownership.

There are no restriction imposed on foreigners purshasing property in Belize and buying decisions fan be made and executed quickly with rrelative ease.

  • Stability in Belize and Belizean Life style


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