Certificate of Guaranteed Investment – CPG in BRAZIL – profitability 18 % guarantee a year

The Dourado Construções e Incorporações company belonging to our partner serviced and sold the urban lot Brisas  do Aquiraz in October, 2015.

The lot consists of 227 building lots of 150 m ² which were sold on average 30 000 real the lot. Lots  were sold through a financing of a period of 80 months and to a 18 % rate a year. The Dourado Construções e Incorporações company is  an owner of the claims bound to the sale of these 227 lots.  The CPG is safe investments which guarantee that your money is under cover. They produce interests at a fixed rate, variable or determined according to a formula established beforehand. The CPG establishes generally the base of a well balanced portofolio. The current situation of the Brazilian economy, as well as the reduction of the offer of credit favor the operations of urban lot because contrary to the classic property deals (Construction of residential or commercial building) the operational cycle of this kind of operation doesn’t require banking financing.The developer sells himself  these lots to credit to the final consumers. The high average of the rates of real estate financing as well as the mortgage guarantee (the lot he even) make at present of  kinds  of operations, most secure and the most profitable on the Brazilian real estate whole market. So as to acquire new plots for sale and accelerate its process of development, the Dourado Construções e Incorporações company decided to propose to their investors,  18 % investment a year by putting its portofolio of claims in guarantee. The investor will thus mortgage 30 % of the wallet  which corresponds to the claims  of 71 lots for a 585.000 amount during 48 months. The investor will receive monthly  8.775,00 amount corresponding to the flow of the claims of the sale of 71 lots and will receive the amount of his investment either 585.000 at the end of 48th month , or a total of (48 * 8.775) + 585.000 = 1.006.200.


4 Reasons Why Running A Business In Detroit Is Unlike Running A Business Anywhere Else


The character of a city is made up by the people, the culture, and the surrounding environment. That environment consist of where you live, work, and play. As a business owner, what does Detroit offer you that is unique from other cities?



Detroit borders Windsor, Canada. An ideal position for businesses to expand and grow. “Our unique geographic location, with our close proximity to Canada, opens up international opportunities 



As a business owner, you’re able to serve a diverse consumer market. Michelle adds, “There is such diversity in the types of businesses. Where creativity and industry come together. As a consultant, I have had poets to governmental entities as clients.” Grace Keros, owner of American Coney Island, a family-owned business that’s been a part of Detroit’s fabric for 99 years, says, “The people of Detroit are different. We have a location in Vegas, and though we get a diverse crowd in Vegas, it still doesn’t compare to the people in Detroit.”

Resources, Resources, Resources


Detroit continues to focus on rebuilding and strengthening its economy, providing an abundant amount of resources to assist already established businesses, and to attract new business. The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), Detroit Biz Grid, and Motor City Match are just a few of the organizations that provide assistance for Detroit business owners. These organizations and many others are connecting business owners with services that include business planning and strategy, real estate assistance, funding, co-working space, and more in their proactive efforts to aid in Detroit’s economic growth.


Automation Alley’s 2016 Technology Industry Report forecasts that Southeast Michigan will be a better place for technology companies to do business than Silicon Valley. Amazon recently opened its tech hub in downtown Detroit, positioning Detroit in becoming a key location for the technology industry. There are also local companies that offer tech training and business startup assistance in efforts to cultivate and grow the local tech talent.

These are just a few incentives for choosing the Motor City for your business

Sunny Beach Harmony Suites Resort – Bulgaria


1. We can apply on your behalf for a visa to enable you to travel
2. We can introduce you to suitable estate agents and accompany you to view the properties
3. We can arrange for your accommodation during your stay and for transport e.g car hire
4. Provide you with an interpreter should you need one
5. Advise you as to the legal formalities in relation to the sale and purchase.
6. Help you for your funds transfer to the solliciter.

Harmony Suites 4-5-6

Harmony Suites 4, 5 & 6 is a gorgeous and luxurious gated complex that is located in a quiet area, 300 m from the sea and the beach, in close proximity to the center of Sunny Beach. The holiday complex is placed only 20 m from the already constructed and operating complexes “Harmony Suites 1” and “Harmony Suites 2”, as well as the complex “Harmony Suites 3”.
As far as the style and concept are concerned, the new complex Harmony Suites 4, 5 & 6 will be connected to the rest of the mini-resort. It will feature a delightful Mediterranean architecture and shall provide the owners and their guests with many comforts, numerous amenities and beautifully kept garden area. This is a gated complex that consists of three buildings, each on six floors. The apartments are of several different types – studio, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.


Harmony Suites 3 is a wonderful gated complex that is located in close proximity to the already established and operating complexes Harmony Suites 1 and Harmony Suites 2, forming a mini resort. The complex is architecturally and conceptually connected with the two other buildings and is located in the western and most prestigious part of Sunny Beach. It is only 7 minutes’ walk from the beach and in close proximity to a variety of nice shops, elegant restaurants, trendy bars and clubs.

Complex Harmony Suites 3 will enjoy Japanese-style garden, located next to the building. There will be artificial waterfalls and streams, bridges and fountains, mini amphitheater with giant chess playboard, beautifully landscaped lawns, summer house, jacuzzi and rattan furniture, glass cave vault, trampoline jumping, house of Hobbits. The complex is further located near a park of 800 sq.m, which is set a few meters from the neighboring complex Harmony Suites 1. There are to be found a volleyball court, a football playground, barbecue, small house for children and a small zoo. Children will further have additional swings and slides.

The complex enjoys southern disposition and is built on six floors, with a total of 122 apartments, including studios, one bedroom and two bedroom apartments.
Why buy an apartment in Harmony Suites 3
• Location in the western part of Sunny Beach, 7 min walk from the beach and the sea.
• An interesting architecture and good layout of the apartments, many extras.
• High quality of the construction, luxury building with excellent materials.
• Options for furniture, maintenance and rental of the property on a hotel basis.
• Construction company with an impeccable reputation, which has built residential complexes Harmony Suites 1 and Harmony Suites 2, distinguished by its style, functionality and excellent quality construction and finishing.


Harmony Suites 2

Harmony Suites 1 & 2: facilities and services
• Restaurant
• Bar
• swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi
• Spa Center (relaxation room, sauna, massage shower, Jacuzzi, massage room)
• Beauty Salon
• Children play area with a baby sitter
• Fitness center



Real Estate Scheme (RES) Mauritius


What is the Real Estate Scheme (RES)

The Real Estate Scheme (RES) is essentially a slimmed down version of the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) that has made such an impact on the Mauritian
property market in the last two years.  The thinking behind the scheme is to let smaller land owners have a share of the property development pie.  IRS development has been dominated by the large sugar companies. The benefit for investors is that RES property will be more affordable than IRS property.

No Mauritians may purchase the property

The project property size must be between 1 Arpent (about 1 acre) and 10 Hectares
•    Must be freehold land – this rules out any beach front property that is usually government owned and leased.
•    The scheme must offer commercial and leisure amenities in addition to residential.
•    The scheme must provide day to day support services such as solid waste disposal, security, maintenance, gardening and household services
•    Only small land owners who have owned the land for at least 5 years may apply for an RES permit.  This land owner should not own more than 10 hectares in total in Mauritius.
•    Individual sites should not exceed 1.25 arpents (about 1.25 acres).
•    There is no minimum investment value (IRS has a minimum of USD 500 000)
•    Payment for purchases off-plan shall be in installments according to construction progress.
•    The first purchaser pays registration duty of $25 000.
•    Re-sales require the purchaser to pay land transfer tax of 5% on the property value plus the registration duty of $25,000.





The city and offers a real invitation to relax: the bravest can also use the virtues of the beach and sea to practice volleyball, hang gliding, scuba diving, as well as swimming with dolphins. And for those who dare to abandon towels and chairs, the city also provides terrestrial walks but also visiting various parks like the Manati Park, centered on animals, especially dolphins and nature, it is lush! invest Dominican Republic

This park can be visited with children as well as the National Zoological Park, where you can admire beautiful tigers, iguanas, or flamingos. Shopping enthusiasts will not be frustrated: the Galerias Punta Cana, a mall in the open Mediterranean style, and the Palma Real Shopping Village, a shopping area designed for the most fulfilled scholarships, prefer the authenticity of the Plaza Bavaro, and his memories of the Dominican Republic.

The beaches such as Playa Arena Gorda, Playa Bavaro and Playa de El Cortecito are the three most important. With many restaurants and shops, Punta Cana different places in the image of Plaza Bavaro and Punta Cana Plaza offer an interesting alternative to the joys of tanning.

Invest in a casino in PUNTA CANA

With its new concept Vegas, this casino style will be highly appreciated
guests of this place. Its proximity to other hotels it benefits
a strategic location.
At the completion of this project, the aim will be to reach 311  slot machines and gaming tables  65-70
 against 211   slot machines and 45 gaming tables  now. So this will allow
better optimization of the space by arranging the surface of 2605 m2 games and
can accommodate more than 1,500 players.
Originally the Tower of the construction cost was US $ 12 million in 2004. Renovations
Major cost of US $ 4 million was made at the end of 2015 to be
in mid January 2016, and the addition of a world-class nightclub, all of which were reopened January 22, 2016.

We are seeking funding to buy out the majority shareholder.

This funding 20 Million Dollars repaid over 5-6 years, with 25% of annual profits and life as “silent partner” to the one who will bring the funding.

we must also note that the casino building is part of the transaction is assessed by the city of 8 Million Dollars and located between the two 5-star hotels.


Komaneka Villas MAURITIUS


Located on the west coast, about 45 minutes from the airport and Port Louis, Black River is an ideal seaside town for vacationing and relaxation. Komaneka Villas is located in a natural retreat at the entrance of a national park and protected class, just minutes from a white sandy beach, facing the mythical mountain of Le Morne Brabant. This secure residence of 7 villas, located at the entrance of the gorges of the Black River offer mountainside, an intimate, refined, which inspires tranquility and leisure. Shopping malls, restaurants, shops and supermarkets are between 10 -20 minutes Komaneka Villas.


Located in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is an overnight flight from Europe and a few hours of Dubai, with a population fully bilingual (French and English). A crossroads between Africa and Asia, combining diverse culture and a thriving economy. Turquoise lagoons fringed with white sand to wild mountains, wellness in a tropical climate, to enjoy all year.

KomanekaVillas, inspired by a Balinese style, suggests JOGGLO around the living space or comfort and refinement mingle
Combining Balinese atmosphere, comfortable and friendly,
the prestige villas have swimming pool and lush private garden
With a complete furniture from Bali, villas are authentic, spacious, airy and sophisticated
KomanekaVillas offers peace and privacy in a unique place in Mauritius

invest in Mauritius provides for a foreign several advantages. Maurice, key economic and financial platform in OcéanIndien, offers a political system

stable and safe living environment. This crossroads between Africa and Asia offers a very dynamic economic diversity with an average growth of 5% per year over the past decade. A French civil code derived from the Napoleonic Code, and laws and a set of very precise specifications, allowing an ideal setting for any investment.

Poins essential to remember when a property investment in Mauritius:

Taxes on real estate income 15%

non-taxable income in France and in countries that have a tax treaty with Mauritius

freely repatriated property income in the country of residence – no exchange controls.

No taxes on capital – property not subject to the ISF in FRANCE

No Property Taxes and Tax habitationn

This program has a décennalle warranty and a work injury insurance.

The Villas of this program allow you to obtain a residence permit related to the property when ownership of the property.

The Mauritian law granting the permit to acqueeur a good RES (and IRS) when it exceeds € 500,000.

A resale or lose it, the license is canceled.

FINANCIAL INVESTMENT IN BRAZIL – 17% of annual profitability



The “LAND TRADE FUND” is an investment in PRIVATE EQUITY with profitability paid monthly and protects from the capital.

This product is intended for the investors wishing to position it as financier on land operations of urban lot. The complete cycle of an operation of this type goes normally from 3 to 5 years, by investing  in PRIVATE EQUITY via the bottom ” LAND TRADE FUND ” the minimal duration of the investment is of 12 months and the profitabilities going from 13 % to 20 % p.a are payable in monthly coupon. When due the investor to the guarantee of the refund of 100 % of the invested capital + The profitabilities  which will have been paid during all the duration of the investment. The investor can request a credit card Aimed or MasterCard to remove dividends of this investment since any place of the world.